We seek to provide our guests, friends, and family specialty coffee properly roasted and consistently prepared by the artisans touch so that every cup is handled with care. We remain dedicated to delivering exceptional service and craft taste giving customers a refreshing experience of the best of both worlds.

A PLACE OF COMMUNITY For Humans Who Love Coffee COFFEE IS OUR LANGUAGE The natural ingredients we use paired with the knowledge of experience creates flavors and interactions that engage the senses and put a smile on customers faces. WE LOVE WHAT WE DO What makes us unique is our dedication to becoming intimately connected with our customer base, we partner with local businesses, and remain passionate about serving our clients where they are.

Downtown Little Rock Coffee

Sips – Bites – Buzzes

Dedication to craft

Explore your taste buds and what we have to offer on the menu! From fusion to traditional and experimental flavors, our recipes pack a punch and keep our community on the move for more…

Best coffee flavors

2Twenty1 creates an enlivening and enlightening atmosphere that welcomes coffee, tea,  and food lovers to come and share three of our most valuable assets: time, space, and energy. Discover a place for individuals to connect to the community and likeminded individuals…

Opening Hours

Monday 7:30 15:00
Tuesday 7:30 15:00
Wednesday 7:30 15:00
Thursday 7:30 15:00
Friday 7:30 15:00
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed
call: 501-225-6220

Choose one of our flavours

Coffee Build your base.



1 oz Shot of espresso



double espresso + 10oz hot water or 6oz



espresso + 4oz steamed milk



2 espresso shots + 10oz steamed milk



latte + Ghana chocolate


Red Eye

Approachable medium body blend that is flavorful and consistent + 1 oz Shot of espresso + cream & sugar